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  • InMobi has been highly efficient in delivering user acquisition and retargeting campaigns while meeting our performance expectations – consistently driving quality users across the funnel to engage in the app and drive in-app purchases for us.
  • Richa Khera
    Online Marketing Manager
    Olx, India
    As a strategic mobile marketing partner for OLX India, InMobi has been instrumental in enabling our strategy of driving high-quality, engaged users. With the ability to reach users through all ad formats, especially video, InMobi has significantly reduced new lister cost over the course of this partnership. InMobi’s account management has been very hands-on and passionate to deliver against our objectives
  • Deepali Grover,
    Digital Marketing Alliances & Partnerships
    Partnering with InMobi has been a great experience for us at Mastercard. Their retargeting systems were key to delivering a highly successful campaign that exceeded the campaign goals. We look forward to further deepening our engagement with InMobi to drive mobile innovation that truly differentiates us in the market.
  • Ben Harborne,
    Brand Manager
    Mobile advertising on InMobi’s network was a huge success for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.
  • Mr. Goh,
    Marketing Manager
    Ensight Media
    ”Instead of a simple banner ad, expandable ads were used and users showed a great interest and had a higher engagement rate.” The campaign had an impressive CTR of 2. The download rate of the app increased by 26% and Sales also increased by 75% during the campaign. The Radio Alarm App reached a #1 rank in the Korean App Store."
  • Shayne Garcia,
    Digital Director
    iProspect Philippines
    I see InMobi not only as a platform provider but as a longterm business partner. What makes InMobi stand out are its passionate people who work together in developing award-winning concepts and technological solutions that help us answer our clients’ marketing objectives. As iProspect continues to develop breakthrough digital campaigns that do not only deliver reach but also engage consumers, I am looking forward to more strategic partnerships with the InMobi team.
  • Antony Kusuma,
    Product Marketing Manager
    The InMobi user acquisition and remarketing platform has delivered great results for us, surpassing all the performance KPI metrics. In a short time, InMobi has delivered significant scale of conversions and resided in the top position among all marketing partners. It has been a very wonderful experience working with InMobi's top notch performance solutions and their partner management team. Looking forward to a long-term partnership with InMobi
  • Bastian Purrer,
    “As a leading mobile performance advertising player in Europe with a large scale global presence, InMobi gives its customers the unique opportunity to access and expand into high growth markets such as China and South-East Asia. InMobi’s mobile-first user acquisition (UA) solution has been instrumental in driving app adoption and establishing our foothold in Indonesia. We are impressed by the scale of quality users delivered through native and scrollable carousel ads on the InMobi network. This, combined with their dedicated consultative account management team, makes InMobi our top mobile UA partner”
  • Svetlana Adamovich
    Senior UA Manager
    Red Rock Apps
    “The mHealth fitness market in North America has grown manifold over the past two years. With many apps competing for consumer attention in this category, Red Rock Apps leveraged a dedicated partnership with InMobi to execute on its aggressive user growth goals from acquisition to engagement and retention. We are really impressed by the growth in our high-quality, engageduser base achieved with InMobi’s end-to-end performance advertising platform over the past three months”
  • John Dionisio
    Gaia Interactive
    You can count onInMobi to help you convert an app intoa hit game and build a profitable mobile gaming business.
  • Julian Nachtigal,
    Marketing Manager
    Econtact Pro
    "The InMobi platform clearly drove downloads of our iPhone app...Econtact Pro saw up to a 50% increase in downloads.
  • “InMobi helped us drive our mobile strategy for the PIXMAtown campaign. Their market reach and creative expertise in designing an interactive and engaging ad was beneficial to the campaign. The average time spent on the ad unit beat industry norms and working with them was enjoyable.“
  • Alex Heywood,
    Account Directo
    The Radio 1 launch campaign we ran with InMobi was youthful, fun and impactful. It was a fantastic piece of work that demonstrated the power of collaboration and open-mindedness. Most importantly, InMobi ensured that the concept played to the strengths of the mobile platform – resulting in a campaign that all parties were proud to be associated with.
  • Sebastian Sieber,
    The InMobi performance suite is the perfect solution for scaling our mobile-first shopping platform. InMobi has been effective in driving not just installs, but most importantly optimizing for our end goal of in-app transactions, thereby helping us maximize customer lifetime value. With their dedicated account management and end-to-end performance, InMobi remains our preferred mobile marketing partner
  • LiBo
    Youzu Interactive Co. Ltd.
    We were impressed by the quality of users delivered through mobile video on the InMobi network.Not only could we acquire users at scale, the quality of users was better than those acquiredthrough other channels. InMobi’s consultative approach to user acquisition, combined with robust account management and campaign optimization ensured that we acquired a large number of users quickly and efficiently. The passion and dedication of the InMobi team to deliver against our objectives was truly exceptional
  • Arjun Choudhary,
    Associate Vice President
    Head Growth & Sales, Myntra
    "InMobi’s remarketing platform has delivered good results for Myntra’s mobile remarketing campaigns. The innovative creatives showcasing curated apparel collections for our customers have seen a positive impact on the ROI of thecampaigns. We look forward to strengthening & scaling our relationship with InMobi as a strategic partner."
  • Katie Willoth,
    Communications Manager
    The Slim-Fast campaign created with Unilever, InMobi, Joule, and Mindshare showcased an innovative use of mobile technology by integrating a shaking functionality that directly tied together with the new Slim-Fast shake flavors. Allowing users to engage with the ad in a fun and interactive way.
  • Anirudh
    Founder & Director
    Achieving the top spot on the AppStore had a significant impact on driving our organic downloads. InMobi was a key partner in our success and we plan to continue working with them.
  • Tom Charles,
    Fairfax Digital Account Director
    Using the Inmobi Analytics platform helped us to compare results and efficiencies across all mobile publishing partners. This has allowed us to deliver the ROI our client requires and has helped prove the value of mobile advertising, justifying an ongoing investment.
  • E-commerce Manager
    AA Korea Hotel Management
    InMobi helped us increase awareness through a whole new and exciting method of reaching out to and engaging potential customers. We see InMobi as a reliable partner in effectively executing campaigns on the mobile network.
  • Vivian Gracia,
    Digital Marketing Specialist,
    The InMobi platform has driven an overall good result based on the KPI metrics that has been stipulated. Throughout the campaign period, InMobi keeps optimizing the campaign which results in lowering CPA and delivering significant scale with a sustainable quality. The team has been proactively supported the campaign lifecycle and come up with a relevant campaign recommendations,